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Che Cosa Ha Detto?

What Did He Say?

Because sometimes I like to record things that amuse me:


At work, in a meeting where we were asked to go around the table, introduce ourselves, and explain what we do:

Ryan: I’m Kate’s part-time assistant
Coworker: Actually 24 hour assistant
Me: Yeah – it’s a full service operation


On cleaning around the house:

Ryan: Kate buys the swiffer as if it’s going to solve all of our problems. Like one day the swiffer will just get up and clean the floors. But you’re never going to clean the floors, and I hate those things, so you just threw away $10.


In Portugal, Mom was face down on the bed after a day of touring. We’re deciding where to go for dinner, and we accuse her of ‘fading’:

Mom: I’m not fading. But if I took a little nap, it’d be ok.


In Portugal, we stayed at a wonderful Marriott, but disagreed about the quality (read: size) of the comforter. (See if you can fill in the blanks about why that might be.) :

Mom: did you notice any problems with the comforter at the Marriott?
(responding at the same time:)
Ryan: No
Kate: Yes!



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Ho Sonno – e tu?

I’m sleepy – are you?

Check out our sweet matching pjs!

My sister Christine gave them to us … she said we’re just cool enough not to be too cool to wear them. :)

We lounged about in our pjs and took silly pictures.

I’d show you the ones after Ryan discovered the flap in the back … but I’m pretty sure he’d kill me … :)


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L’Ultimo Serata dell’Anno

The Last Evening of the Year

Partners in crime – giving the evil Eye

For News Year’s Eve, we all got a little dressed up

And posed for a picture …

And then we went out for sushi

Where Sophia showed us all how to eat rice


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Andiamo Da Nonna

…To Grandmother’s House We Go

Photo with Grandma

Grandma’s house on the other side included some excellent Custard – the same custard recipe Ryan has made with me – it was fun to try the original!

Ryan may have embarrassed me completely … but it was completely worth it … I got to check out his Uncle’s farming equiptment. It’s very possible that everyone was laughing at me as I looked around wide-eyed like an excited child. But … it . was . awesome.

I got to climb up in the tractor, and Ryan’s uncle patiently explained all the controls to me. Know how you adjust the speed inside? It’s a lever that you push from turtle to rabbit! Just like a lawnmower. (A really expensive lawn mower.)

We used the lights on one of the tractors to check out the combine trailers.

The little?! tractor

learning about hydraulics… and whatever this thing does ..

How awesome is this??


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Sopra il Fiume e Attraverso il Bosco

Over the River and Through the Woods
(There’s pretty much no chance I got that right. Man, prepositions are so hard in Italian!)

I love visiting Ryan’s grandmother – it’s a great combination of relaxing … and fun new adventures for the city girl.

The first attraction is Ryan’s parents cabin, they’ve built it themselves (did you know that was even possible?

They put it up pretty quickly, and it has a great view over the pond where I caught catfish with bass lures. For those of you who don’t know … that’s not supposed to happen. But, I did catch the most fish … so I say they just didn’t know how good bass lures are for catching catfish.

We hung out inside and did some catching up

And then we gave the cows some water. (I was freeezing, Ryan’s grandma seemed not to notice that it was cold out. She’s hard core.)

And we collected some eggs in the hen house

And then, happily for my toes, we went back inside. (How cute are they?)

For lunch! Where Ryan’s Grandmother always prepares an amazing meal, even though we always tell her not to go out of her way. Amusingly, I’m pretty sure I was so busy eating after this point that I didn’t take any more pictures. All I know is that I usually have several servings, at which point Ryan’s Grandmother apologizes for the food being cold, but I’ve already eaten half my plate again ’cause it’s delicious cold too. :)

Cooking :)

It was a great visit – I can’t wait to go back this summer.

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Guarda Quella Faccia

Look at that Face!


I have a camera full of adorable Sophia pictures … but here are two of my favorites.

Uncle Ryan and Sophia

After Ryan left, Sophia spent months blaming her Uncle Ryan for every questionable behavior she displayed.

Look at that face!


Seriously, doesn’t that face make you think that there can be nothing worse in the world than a popped balloon?

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Vie della Compagna

Country Roads

Apparently in the country, people drive a lot. We got to help Ryan’s mom with a Meals on Wheels kind of thing – which was actually really nice. I only feared we’d get stuck in the snow once or twice …

And we got stuck in traffic once – there were THREE WHOLE CARS in front of us at an intersection waiting to turn left. So that slowed us down a bit … but the views were worth the wait …

I love how this picture isn’t some place you drive a million miles to get to a viewpoint to see … it’s just a random rail road we intersected on our way to Grandma’s.

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