La Migliore Birra del Mondo

The Best Beer in the World

Approaching the Cafe

Westvleteren has been voted the best beer in the world. By … you know … people who do those kinds of things. Westvleteren is a trappist brewery – one of only 6 in Belgium. And though the beer is exteremely popular, the monks haven’t raised the prices or production – they make enough money to live on and to do their good works. Of course, this year part of their abbey became condemned and they’ve started to try to sell a little more.

One of each Westvleteren Beer – 6,8,10

Anyway, after much research, we found out that we could go and have a beer at their cafe between certain hours. Generally they don’t sell any for you to take off campus, and certainly not to be resold … but we could taste the elixir! We ordered one of each kind that they have – my favorite was the 10.

View from the table in the Cafe

The cafe itself was pretty nice – we ordered some meet and cheese to go with the beer …

Enjoying the best beer in the world!

But mostly it was about the beer.

The spoils!

As it turned out, they were selling some beer today. You were allowed up to 6 bottles per person of either the 6 or the 8. We were travelling ryan air, so we couldn’t bring much … but we bought 3 of each kind of beer, and a couple of glasses to keep for ourselves.

A happy customer!

For more on Westvleteren:


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