Andiamo Da Nonna

…To Grandmother’s House We Go

Photo with Grandma

Grandma’s house on the other side included some excellent Custard – the same custard recipe Ryan has made with me – it was fun to try the original!

Ryan may have embarrassed me completely … but it was completely worth it … I got to check out his Uncle’s farming equiptment. It’s very possible that everyone was laughing at me as I looked around wide-eyed like an excited child. But … it . was . awesome.

I got to climb up in the tractor, and Ryan’s uncle patiently explained all the controls to me. Know how you adjust the speed inside? It’s a lever that you push from turtle to rabbit! Just like a lawnmower. (A really expensive lawn mower.)

We used the lights on one of the tractors to check out the combine trailers.

The little?! tractor

learning about hydraulics… and whatever this thing does ..

How awesome is this??



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2 responses to “Andiamo Da Nonna

  1. Theresa

    Sooooo cool. I would have been just excitedas you were!

  2. Elaine

    I ‘oohed’ and ‘aah-ed’ as I read it and looked at the photos. Thanks so much for filling us in. That is AMAZING equipment. :)

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