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Dov’è Il Procione?

Where is The Raccoon?

Ryan: (from the kitchen) Did you bring a raccoon home from running?
Kate: what? no…
Ryan: Are you sure?
Kate: yes…
Ryan: What did you do?
Kate: I made a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich.
Ryan: I know. I can tell.
Kate: Really? I thought I cleaned it up.
Ryan: I’m not mad, but you should come in here & look at this.
(Kate walks into the kitchen)
Kate: Look! I put the peanut butter away!
Ryan: I can see that … without even having to move, I can see that. ’cause the cabinet door is still open. And the bread is on the counter, and the jelly is on the counter .. and the knife you used is on the plate covered with breadcrumbs on the counter .
Kate: Oh … 




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Colazione per Cena

Breakfast for Dinner

Breakfast for dinner is one of Ryan’s and my favorite meals. Not only is it delicious (and impossible to find in Italy – even Breakfast for Breakfast) … but it’s also cheap, fast, and easy. aaaand, we usually have the ingredients even when we’ve just returned from a week of travel. Bonus!

Of course, this title only relates to one of the following … but here are some fun conversations Ryan and I have had lately. :-p


Yesterday morning, at work, Ryan was looking around my desk:

Kate: What do you need?
Ryan: I don’t know
I pretend to look around, under my desk…
Kate: “I’m looking for my motivation”
Ryan: That’s about accurate.


At home, Ryan tries to throw a shirt into the laundry, but I’m between him & the basket, so I put my arms up over my head:

Ryan: What are you doing?
Kate: I’m assisting you.
He throws me the shirt, I throw it in the hamper.
Kate: I’m trying to up my stats, yo. I wanted the assist.
Ryan: (laughing) Ok, but in that situation I’d get the assist.


At home, Ryan’s looking for his coat :

Ryan: Where’s my coat?
Kate: I think it’s hanging up.
Ryan: You hung up my coat?
Kate: No, I think you actually hung up your coat.
Ryan: I did?
Kate: I know, it was weird.


Making dinner reservations over IM:

Kate: We have to make dinner reservations, Can you help me?
Ryan: sure
Kate: I was thinking Trastevere.
Ryan: Oi
Ryan: Ok
Kate: was that ‘Oi’ a Freudian slip? We don’t have to go to Trastevere.
Ryan: I mistyped ‘Ok’! I didn’t mean ‘Oi’!


Morning Conversation:

Kate: Last night’s dinner was actually really good.
Ryan: We’re so simple!
Kate: Well, it was really nice of you to make me that egg.
Ryan: I feel like it’s cheating when I say to you “What would you like? I’ll make you whatever you want. I’ll make you your favorite thing.”, and you say “Eggs!”

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Mio Marito Compie gli Anni

My Husband Celebrates his Birthday

What? He did celebrate a birthday … in October. And I’m almost done with October’s posts … now that it’s February.

(And now that I’ve been home sick for an entire week, plus 2 days the week before, and 2 days before that.)

Anyway, in October Ryan celebrated a birthday, and we had a few friends over. Since we know he’s such a big Cardinals fan …

I may or may not have gotten red sprinkles all over the counter …

This cake wasn’t a German Chocolate Cake … Ryan’s favorite. This one was what we managed to find the ingredients for at a regular Italian grocery store. But it turned out pretty well anyway.

Also the last time I made German Chocolate cake it was quite an ordeal. Ryan’s mom used to always make German Chocolate cake for Ryan for his birthday, so for Ryan’s first birthday when we were together I thought I’d make him his favorite cake. The only thing was, I didn’t really know anything about German Chocolate cake. So I looked it up online, of course. The problem of course with looking up something online is that sometimes there’s too much information. I found 5 different recipes that all seemed good … but were all different. And not knowing anything about German Chocolate cake … or baking, really … I didn’t know which one to use. So … I went with The Joy of Cooking – the trusty standby. The Joy of Cooking gave me a recipe that started with chocolate bars that I chopped and melted, and nuts that I chopped, and flour. And separating the egg white and yolk, and mixing dry first, and then wet … and using multiple bowls, and I had to go buy another round pan ’cause it called for 3  layers … and it took me an entire day to make the cake and the icing from scratch.

And after all that you know what I found out? It turns out there’s a mix for German Chocolate cake, and you can buy the icing pre-made too. And that’s the cake that Ryan grew up on and has a nostalgic soft spot for. *sigh* I have tried to make German Chocolate cake since then. It’s too much work. ;-)

And here’s one more picture, just for fun … of Ryan in his Halloween costume. (That he made the day of!)

Happy Belated, Baby!


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Sa Che Stai Arrivando?

Does he know that you are arriving?

I’m in a taxi on my way home from the airport. The following is a conversation between me and the driver:

Me:How long will it take to get to Parioli at this hour?
Driver:About 45 minutes.
Me:Ok, let’s go there then.
Driver:What difference does it make?
Me:Well, I live in Parioli, and I work in the city center. And I would like to see my husband before work.
(Thinking he was making joke, I laughed, and didn’t really answer … so he persisted)
Driver:But Why? He will be sleeping.
Me:He’ll be awake by the time I get there.
Driver:But Why?
(And finally we get to the real point)
Driver:Does he know you are arriving?
Me:*sigh* Yes, he knows I’m coming.
Driver:Oh, ok. I won’t say anything else then.

What’s funny is that I am actually coming home a day early, and I thought about surprising ryan altogether… When I mentioned it at work people were joking about the old adage “spend a quarter, save a marriage.” Where the idea is that you might not want to surprise your spouse at home -lest you discover something you can’t ignore that you didn’t want to know.

I didn’t end up surprising ryan because the timing want great for surprising him at home, and it’s not that much fun to surprise him at work. And also cause I get so excited about surprises that I always give them away. :)

I know marriage isn’t always perfect, but I find it particularly depressing when mr. random cab driver is so convinced that my (presumably italian) husband is having an affair – that he wants to either warn me off, or make sure I know what I’m getting myself into.

Much more appropriate is a line from “crazy, stupid, love” where steve carrell is professing his love for his wife “I have loved her, even when I’ve hated her. You married couples will understand that one.” That one made me smile.

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Citazioni del Giorno

Quotes of the Day

There is a rule when I am watching chick flicks – Ryan is allowed to be there, but he is not allowed to make any comments. We watched a movie together this weekend. When the credits were rolling, this is what Ryan said:

Ryan: Was that a good movie? I’m just asking…
Kate: It wasn’t very good.
Ryan: It wasn’t very good, but it might have been good?
Kate: maybe
Ryan: ’cause I suppressed a lot of comments … a lot … a lot of comments. It was terrible really.


A couple weeks ago Ryan drove the car to work and left it in the parking lot when he left on a trip for work. I left it there for most of the week until I needed it to pick up a girlfriend from the airport. I decided to get some exercise and run to work to pick up the car. Not wanting to have a million things in my hand while I ran, I took only the essentials: my cell phone, my badge to get on the compound, and the car keys. I had a lovely jog, and got to the car right on schedule to head directly to the aiport. There was only one small problem. The car wouldn’t start. Getting that taken care of was complicated by the fact that i didn’t have my wallet or any money, and my new cell phone didn’t have any phone numbers in it. After a lot of rigamarole, I did finally make it to the airport … in someone else’s car.

When Ryan came home the following week, we took care of the care. Once we got it jumped, we learned that Ryan had left the dome light on before his trip. We laughed about it, and I told him what a mess it made for me on the day I was to go to the airport. His response? He said I should have accounted for the possibility that he would have done something stupid with the car, and budgeted more time for that.

Kate: You want me to assume that you’re incompetent?

Ryan: Yeah, I think that works out better for me in the long run.


And, one final comment, just ’cause it amuses me. After spending a week hanging out with a friend of ours from DC, our friend had this comment:

Friend: You know what they say: ‘Happy Wife, Happy Life!”. And your wife seems pretty easy, you just have to feed her and she’s happy.

Ryan: Yeah, but it’s so temporary. Then you have to feed her again, and you’ve seen how good I am at planning …


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Perche Ho Fame

Because I’m Hungry

On a road trip:

Kate: Are you hungry for half a sandwich?
Ryan: I don’t know, maybe for 3/8 of a sandwich.
Kate: That’s fine.
Ryan: Or maybe 3/4 …
Kate: Those aren’t very similar

Ryan: I’ll split a sandwich with you if that’s what you’re asking … Crazy Person.


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Novanta Gradi

90 Degrees

I have a thing about the sheets on the bed. I almost never make the bed in the morning, but I always make it before I go to bed at night. I like to make sure that when the night starts everything is where it is supposed to be, so I don’t have to worry about rearranging or fighting for coverage in the middle of the night.

This isn’t a problem, unless Ryan gets into bed before me. ‘Cause for some reason, he doesn’t seem to like it when I want to unmake and remake the bed after he’s already gotten comfortable.

A few nights ago Ryan beat me to bed and when I got there, the bed didn’t look right. The duvet cover’s stripes were vertical, and should be horizontal. Really the comforter is pretty much square (2 inches wider than long) … so I let it go. Until I realized the sheet underneath was 90 degrees off – and that one’s much longer than wide.

Me: The comforter is 90 degrees off.
Ryan: It’s fine.
Me: But the sheet underneath is 90 degrees off.
Ryan:  Just get in bed.
Me: Are your toes even covered?
Ryan:  yes
(I didn’t believe him, so I lifted up the bottom of the comforter to check)
Ryan:  Just get in bed.
Me: Fine! … but this is upsetting.

In marriage, it’s important to learn to compromise.
At least, that’s what I kept telling Ryan … but he still wouldn’t let me fix the sheets. ;-)

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