Che Cosa Ha Detto?

What Did He Say?

Because sometimes I like to record things that amuse me:


At work, in a meeting where we were asked to go around the table, introduce ourselves, and explain what we do:

Ryan: I’m Kate’s part-time assistant
Coworker: Actually 24 hour assistant
Me: Yeah – it’s a full service operation


On cleaning around the house:

Ryan: Kate buys the swiffer as if it’s going to solve all of our problems. Like one day the swiffer will just get up and clean the floors. But you’re never going to clean the floors, and I hate those things, so you just threw away $10.


In Portugal, Mom was face down on the bed after a day of touring. We’re deciding where to go for dinner, and we accuse her of ‘fading’:

Mom: I’m not fading. But if I took a little nap, it’d be ok.


In Portugal, we stayed at a wonderful Marriott, but disagreed about the quality (read: size) of the comforter. (See if you can fill in the blanks about why that might be.) :

Mom: did you notice any problems with the comforter at the Marriott?
(responding at the same time:)
Ryan: No
Kate: Yes!



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2 responses to “Che Cosa Ha Detto?

  1. I love the swiffer comment – sounds like Brad and me sometimes. He noted the other day that he cares more about the cleanliness of the house than I do (this is true except for the bathroom). Maybe it’s better that you and I are no longer roommates, lord knows what kind of squalor we could accumulate if we were together for longer than a year.

    This year for Christmas I asked for a clothing steamer under the premise that it would magically get up and remove the wrinkles from my clothes for me. If only that were actually true. Stupid wrinkles.

  2. Do you remember that paper that someone slipped under our door? And you saw it before you left for the week, and it was still there when you got back? And the best part is that you stepped over it for a whole weekend before you commented to me that you were surprised it was still there. :)

    Also, re: wrinkles … I find the best solution is to buy things that don’t wrinkle. I <3 sweaters. ;-)

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