Sopra il Fiume e Attraverso il Bosco

Over the River and Through the Woods
(There’s pretty much no chance I got that right. Man, prepositions are so hard in Italian!)

I love visiting Ryan’s grandmother – it’s a great combination of relaxing … and fun new adventures for the city girl.

The first attraction is Ryan’s parents cabin, they’ve built it themselves (did you know that was even possible?

They put it up pretty quickly, and it has a great view over the pond where I caught catfish with bass lures. For those of you who don’t know … that’s not supposed to happen. But, I did catch the most fish … so I say they just didn’t know how good bass lures are for catching catfish.

We hung out inside and did some catching up

And then we gave the cows some water. (I was freeezing, Ryan’s grandma seemed not to notice that it was cold out. She’s hard core.)

And we collected some eggs in the hen house

And then, happily for my toes, we went back inside. (How cute are they?)

For lunch! Where Ryan’s Grandmother always prepares an amazing meal, even though we always tell her not to go out of her way. Amusingly, I’m pretty sure I was so busy eating after this point that I didn’t take any more pictures. All I know is that I usually have several servings, at which point Ryan’s Grandmother apologizes for the food being cold, but I’ve already eaten half my plate again ’cause it’s delicious cold too. :)

Cooking :)

It was a great visit – I can’t wait to go back this summer.


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