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Una Richiesta Speciale

A Special Request

Ryan's Glasses

And I quote “Not that I’m complaining about the blog entries from my visit to Rome. but I think this picture should be a part of them.”



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Dov’è il Cima?

Where is the top? – Capri

Rub-a-dub-derry, three friends on a Ferry

Our mission for the second day was to tackle the island of Capri. We started early in the morning on the shuttle bus from our hotel to Sorrento, then booked it on food to the dock to catch the ferry to Capri (pronounced Ca-pri’ by Americans, and Ca’-pri by Italians).

Capri Harbor

Capri is an island off of Italy near Sorrento. Apparently it’s where rich people live. I don’t think we saw any of them though. We saw a lot of tourists.


The first thing we did when we made it onto the island of Capri was get back off again. We bought tickets for a little motor boat (about 10 people on it) and worked our way around the island. It was a gorgeous day, and a beautiful ride.

Destination: Blue Grotto

Our real purpose in taking a lovely ride around the island was to see the Blue Grotto. Check out the entrance – it’s super tiny! They actually have to close the entrance if there are two many waves or if the tide is too high. As it was, we still had to climb off our motor boat in groups of 2 or 3 and get into a row boat to be rowed into the grotto. At the entrance, we all had to lay flat so our heads didn’t stick out about the top of the row boat. Right at the edge, the rower lays down too, and uses chains to pull us into the grotto.

Inside the Blue Grotto

The Blue Grotto is called the Blue Grotto because of the way the sunlight reflects in and makes a gorgeous blue color. Most of our pictures didn’t turn out at all, but it’s really neat in there. To add to the atmosphere, our rower burst out into an operatic ‘O Sole Mio’, and the acoustics inside the little cave were amazing.

Where are my skis?

Capri has two towns on it: Capri and Anacapri. I wasn’t actually that impressed with either of them. Apparently they’re interesting if you like high end shopping. I don’t know, I hardly even looked. There were adventures to be had!

Look ma! No hands!

We stocked up on gelato, and hopped a chair lift to the top of Capri Island.

*sigh* It was worth it for the view.

Wait, where's the edge?

It was a gorgeous view from the top, and an excellent end to a great day. Right up until Billy realized that in order to get home we had to hike down to Anacapri, take a bus to Capri, take a different bus to the harbor, take a ferry to Sorrento, take a bus to our hotel, and then drive 3 hours to get back to Rome . . .

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Un Tramonto a Sorrento

A Sunset in Sorrento (awww, this one actually sounds better in English!)

Billy finds a friend

Our hotel was actually outside of Sorrento, but Sorrento was the closest town, and our home base. Sorrento is interesting, as you approach by car … it looks awful. seriously ghetto. Fortunately it gets better as you approach the center of town.

What? There's a view everywhere.

We wandered through town until the sun was setting, and then tried to find dinner.

A surprise courtyard

We were guidebook free, so I have no idea what anything is,  but sometimes that’s the best way to really enjoy visiting a new place.

Guys? The sunset is the other way.

Aperitivo on a hotel terrace

Sorrento Harbor

We ended up having dinner down near the water at the old harbor (that’s the new harbor up there). We had fresh seafood, and an amazing bowl of steamed and seasoned mussels. Not bad for a quick dinner after a day of sightseeing!

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Una Collina sulla Costa Amalfitana

A Hill on the Amalfi Coast – Ravello

Arriving in Ravello

Halfway through our day of admiring the Amalfi Coast, we stopped for lunch in Ravello : A little town (with no parking, doh!) on top of a hill at the Amalfi Coast.

Boys being silly (obviously)

Main Church Square

We took a walk through town … it was really adorable. And not crowded – which was an added bonus.

The view from our lunch table

We found a restaurant at the edge of town with great seafood and an amazing view

Limoncello after lunch

Ice cream and giggles in the town square after lunch (Do boys giggle?)

We didn’t stay long in Ravello, but it was a lovely and restful stop. And the boys were glad they got to eat ice cream.

Looking back at Ravello

Are you noticing a theme here?

Back to the car and back on the road … we started to work our way back up the Amalfi coast towards Sorrento …

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Una Visita e Un Viaggio

A Visit and a Voyage


Our next visitor was Billaaaayyy. (Hi Billy!) Billy was Ryan’s roommate before we left for Italy, one of our closest friends … is always smiling (you’ll see that in the pictures), and makes us smile a lot too (you’ll see that in the pictures too). Billy explored Rome on his own during the day, and then we met up for lunch and dinner. To keep his visit interesting, we headed out on the road on the weekend to see the Amalfi Coast.

The Road and the Rocks

The Amalfi coast is in the southern part of Italy. It has a bunch of cute towns along the coast, and an amazing windy road along the edge of cliffs with fantastic views. All of the reviews I’ve read said that it was gorgeous but nerve wracking and dangerous – apparently the people who wrote those reviews have never driven in Italy before. I wouldn’t recommend driving the coast road at night in the dark … but there were huge stone walls with steel railings, so aside from the one time a car headed straight for us because the driver was busy looking at the view … we felt pretty safe. And the drive was amazing.

The view from the side of the road.

Driving ourselves also allowed us to stop along the side of the road and pick up fresh-from-the-mountains oranges and strawberries to snack on on the way. Oh, and the big yellow things, those are lemons. But who wants to eat a lemon?

Fruit Stand

Ahhh, the sunshine!

Most of the fun of driving the Amalfi Coast road is just admiring the views. We had fun stopping when we could to get out and admire the views a little more leisurely.

Sea-side Town

Of course, the view from the road wasn’t the only thing we saw …

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