Planning a Visit?

Here are some things to get you started.

Rome, Italy  Weather Chart

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
avg low 40 42 45 50 56 63 67 67 62 55 49 44
avg high 52 55 59 66 74 82 87 86 79 71 61 55
days no rain 13 19 23 24 26 26 30 29 25 23 19 21

If you can figure out Celsius, this is supposed to be a good resource:

When to Visit

If you’re interested in staying with us, we have a Google Travel Calendar, it shows what days we are planning to be in town, and when we have other guests using our accommodations. Send an email, and we’ll send you the link.

Places to Visit

The Top Three:

The Next Must-Sees:
Cinque Terre
San Gimignano


We also have Rick Steve’s Rome, Italy, best of Europe, and France, if you’d like to borrow them while you’re here.


2 responses to “Visiting

  1. Robin DeRosa

    Dear Kate & Ryan,
    This all looks so wonderful – what a super way to get to know the world. I am a friend of you Mom, Kate and she sent me this link a while ago. Never go to it until now. Will visit not though!

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