Visiting Amalfi Coast

Sorrento/Amalfi Trip:

We stayed in Sorrento b/c everywhere else is much more expensive and parking is impossible. (200EUR+ a night for many places + the cost of parking). Since we drove down that was good for us. Positano, Amalfi, and Ravello are popular to stay in if you want to stay on the coast itself, but we had a great view in our place in Sorrento and it was a good base for us.

I have heard good things about hotel Marinconto in Positano (though I don’t know how expensive it is) – and I’ve heard Positano is a ‘must-see’.

We drove down on a Fri and stayed there that night. Then we did the Amalfi coast drive on Sat. Drove all along the coast, stopping occasionally to take pictures. We stopped in Ravello for lunch, and walked around there. Beautiful town. Positano is good for beach, but again, we didn’t do that during our trip, and it was too crowded, so we just drove through. The traffic can be hectic, so you have to be prepared for that… you can take buses around, but I really wanted to drive it, so we did that and it worked out.

Amalfi Coast Road:

We went back and had dinner in Sorrento and spent the evening there. Also very nice.

On Sunday, we went to Capri. We took a boat from Sorrento to Capri (15EUR one way). We then went to the Blue Grotto (highly recommended) which is a sea cave where the light shines in and reflects off the limestone bottom and illuminates the water in a very cool way. We then took the cable car up to Capri city and then a bus to AnaCapri. Had some lunch and took a chairlift to the top for some amazing views. It’s not a cheap day trip, but it’s a cool one.


You can also do other things there depending on time… like Pompeii and Herculeam, Paestum (greek ruins), etc.

Sorrento/Pompeii Trip:

For this trip we actually stayed on the Naval base outside of Naples (which unfortunately isn’t an option for you). From there we did Pompeii as a day trip, and we checked out Sorrento on our way back through. We were able to park in Sorrento … I don’t remember how much it cost us, we parked in a garage ’cause street parking was difficult to find.


When I was in Sorrento the last time, I wrote down these notes:
Sorrento:-hotel Tramontano-hotel de la Syrene-Vila Pompeiana Ristorante
That’s the pretty hotel terrace that’s in the blog post ‘un tramonto a sorrento’
IT’s 310 Euro a night for a triple though … so that’s a bit much.

Rick Steve’s Italy has info on Naples, Pompeii, pasternium, capri, sorrento, and the amalfi coast road. It might help you frame what you want to see/do down there. And there are hotels in there as well.

Sorrrento hotels from Rick steves ~ 130 Euro/night triple, & in town: : outside of town, probably a shuttle bus into town? not sure, 95 Euro/triple. doesn’t include breakfast, but there’s a kitchen you can use

I’m pretty sure this is where we stayed in Sorrento

The pictures are factually accurate … but it looks a little run down.
———— is another good one for finding hotels.


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