Viste e Divertimento a Ghent

Views and Fun in Ghent – Belgium

Bridge over the river

The more I look through our pictures from Ghent, the more I realize that we must have been moving really slowly through the city. But then … that’s not a bad way to see a city like this one.

The only guide book we had was only for beer … and places to drink beer, so I don’t know what most of teh stuff was that we looked at… but I think that didn’t really matter much at the time. Look at this place!!

Happy Pancake Maker Guy

Christmas Markets in front of the church

Happy Pancake Eater Guy


My first real Lambic

My first real Lambic was a Cantillon, which is supposed to be a pretty good one. I had always enjoyed lambics previously – but on this trip I learned that most of the lambics we see are sweetened with fruit juices. Traditional lambics are bit of a dirtier endeavor – with the yeasts and dirt clinging to the beer house ceiling ending up in the open vats of beer. Yeah … Anyway, that wasn’t a problem for me as much as how *sour* the drink was. Later I tried some Gueuze, which was similarly sour … but somehow … better. Still quite palate cleansing though – and not ideal for more than one drink, in my opinion.



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One response to “Viste e Divertimento a Ghent

  1. Elaine

    Ummm. Doesn’t make me want to try a Lambic…
    I’d love to visit the city.

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