L’Avventura Continua a Bruxelles

The Adventure Continues in Brussels

A beer still at the entrance to Chimay

I wanted to go to Brussels for the food, and to check out Brugges (I’m a sucker for UNESCO world heritage sites). I think Ryan just wanted to go for the beer. The goodnews is that we had plenty of everything. Belgium is known for chocolate, and beer, and french fries, and moules frites (mussels with fries) … and we tried some of everything.

Church in Chimay

We spent the first night at a cheap hotel by the airport, and on the second day we hit the road to check out Chimay. ‘Cause … there’s beer there.

Inside a church in Chimay

Belgian Fries and a dipping sauce

We had to stop for some food on the way of course – so we stopped into a fry shop. They had buckets of fries, and a whole menu full of sauces to eat with the fries. That order above may have been a small.

Chrismas markets – street food

When we made it into the city of Brussels we went out to check out the city. We were there right in the middle of the Christmas markets – so there were lights and decorations, and food and craft stands everywhere. It was so much fun to wander through.

from the comic mural tour

We started out with a walking tour checking out the cartoon murals that are all over the city. Many of them are based on existing comic book characters. They were pretty fun, whimsical and different.

Mannekin Pis

So … the boy peeing fountain is famous. I think ’cause he’s peeing. I’d been warned that it was underwhelming … so, I wasn’t disappointed by the size. It’s pretty small. … the statue, I mean.  ;-)

Chocolate store in Brussels

We were overwhelmed by chocolate stores in Brussels. We stopped into lots of them just to get intoxicated by the smells. But … you can only eat just so much, and there was street food to eat!

Light Show in the Main Square

At the end of the evening we went to check out the light show in the main square – it was set to music, and it happened all around us, so it was actually quite moving… and a lot of fun. It’s the kind of thing that makes a big kid feel like a little kid. :)

Nativity on the main square


Belgian waffle, chocolate, and hot wine


Christmas Markets next to an awesome old building

Brace yourself … I have 3 posts worth of pictures of Brussels.. Coming up next … the beginning of the beer count.


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