Birra in Centro – Bruxelles, Belgio

Beer in the Town Center – Brussels, Belgium

Statue of a girl peeing … I don’t know why.

Later in the evening in Brussels we made our way to Delirium Cafe – know for their large selection of beers on tap, for their own brand of beer, and for the awesome pink elephant logo.

Posing outside Delirium Cafe (Can you see the pink elephants?)

A view of the bar at Delirium Cafe

Inside the Cafe, there was a large selection of beers – each of which comes in its own glass … of course. We didn’t really know what to order – so we just guessed.

First Round! (Check out the Pink Killer!)

So I picked out the one with the awesome pink bulldog on it – “Pink Killer” a grapefruit flavored beer.

Ryan playing with his silverware at dinner …

After beer, we headed for dinner at a place just down the street. Being low on recommendations, we had to trust lonely planet … though it never instills much confidence when you’re sitting down to eat *on* tourist row. Fortunately most of the food was good. :)

Waterzooi – classic creamy seafood stew

It’s Christmas! Love the lights and trees everywhere!

Riding a bike to generate electricity at a cafe

The next morning we stopped in for a quick coffee and pastries before taking one last swing through the adorable center of town.

In the Town Square

Another view in the town center

Another view of the town center

Another view of the town square. What? It was awesome!


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