Lauterbrunnen – Svizzera

Lauterbrunnen – Switzerland


Approaching Lauterbrunnen

Lauterbrunnen was a valley town – and it connected up a bunch of other places we wanted to visit – so we stopped in for a snack, and to check out the town a tiny bit before continuing on.


Lunch in the car!

Most things were closed, and we’d been spending an arm and a leg on food anyway, so we stopped into a grocery store to buy some things for lunch. We split a sandwich, bought some crazy cookies, and Ryan gorged on wasabi peas. :)

Lunch with a view … out the car window. :)

Maybe Baby?? In a vending machine … for all of your “I might be pregnant” emergencies!

Our next stop was a funicular … but not before we checked out some awesome vending machines.

Is that … Cannabis?



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2 responses to “Lauterbrunnen – Svizzera

  1. Elaine

    You tell me, is that cannabis?

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