Interlaken a Murren via Stechelberg

Interlaken to Murren via Stechelberg

Our next mountain visits started with a drive from Interlaken to nearby Stechelberg – where we planned to catch the cable car up to Stechelberg.

And these aren’t even the good views!



Tickets to the top of the Schilthorn … and a map we tried to decipher. (It’s a little harder when half the lifts are closed. :)


Looking up the cliff …

The normal cable car has a lower angle of approach – but that lift was out of commission for repairs or something. So we got to ride straight up the cliff on the service cable car. The ride was awesome, the view was great … and when we took it back down later, it was like we were falling over the edge of the cliff. Sooo cool!



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4 responses to “Interlaken a Murren via Stechelberg

  1. Just curious how Ryan felt about “falling over the edge of a cliff”? :o) Pretty views!

  2. Falling over the edge of the cliff was perhaps not Ryan’s favorite part of that outing. :)

  3. That’s one of your better self portraits!

  4. Elaine Swingle

    That last picture shows well that you’re going nearly straight down a steep cliff. It sounds like a cable ride that Ryan might not want to take a second time.

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