Jungfrauhoch – Svizzera

Jungfrauhoch – Switzerland

Time Tables & Map

Jungfrauhoch is a ‘saddle’ between the Monch and Jungrau peaks … nearby is also the Eiger. They make an impressive view … that you’ll see in later posts. :) On the morning that we decided to head up to the top, we miscalculated somewhat b/c of the ‘low season’ schedules. Apparently the trians started late, stopped early, and ran infrequently. Oops. But it was a now or never sort of a situation – so we grabbed a schedule, and worked on deciphering the map.

We had to change trains several times on the way up – but it was pretty easy to figure out since there was almost always only one option. And it was fun to step off the train, see a new view and take some more pictures of another picturesque alpine town.

A Train and a View

Self-Portrait on the Train

It was actually pretty freezing cold, and predictably colder as we went higher up. But the trains were heated, so that was pretty nice.

A View of an Alpine town – like a postcard!

The views of the houses with trees and dusting of snow on the hilltops were my absolute favorites. Could this be more adorable?

A long view

Glacier at the top

When we got to the very top, there was a whole complex with amazing views in every direction, and some entertainment too. We wandered through the ice house (the floor was so cold i could feel it right through my boots!), and we sat for a warm lunch with a glacier view.

Ice cave

‘Cause it’s switzerland!

Glacier in the background, and our lunch spot on the left.

Chillin at the top

Another gorgeous view at the top

Self-portrait at the top

One more train and mountain top view

Heading to the top of Jungfrauhoch was definitely worth the rigamarole  – it was a beautiful trip up!



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2 responses to “Jungfrauhoch – Svizzera

  1. Fluff Green

    Enjoyed your “Swiss Trip” so much…..Gorgeous pics….Mark’s grandmother, Fluffy

  2. Glad you’re enjoying the pictures!! :)

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