Prague nel Inverno – l’ultimo

Prague in the Winter – the Last One

view down the main street … from the museum


tower and Art Nouveau building

Eating street food!

That craziness is one of the best things I ate in Prague. Thank goodness – ’cause I waited in line forever for it! The meet was something like deer, or goose. (Those are similar, right?). The purple stuff was some kind of cabbage or coleslaw, and the outside was a fried potato latke kind of a thing. It was greasy, warm and delicious!

Charles Bridge

The Charles Bridge with the castle in the back was one of our favorite views in Prague. We stopped at the benches here often, just to look at the view.

Enjoying the view

Crossing the Charles Bridge

On our last day we did a walking tour that took us across to the other side of the river.

Prague’s (not an) Eiffel Tower

Once we were there we hiked up a hill and climbed a mini eiffel tower for yet another amazing view on Prague.

View from the top

Our last stops were the Art Nouveau building tour, and a tour of the Alphonse Mucha museum.

inside Art Nouveau Building – Alphonse Mucha paintings

Alphonse Mucha is responsible for a lot of iconic French paintings in the Art Nouveau era – including for advertisements and political posters. The museum was tiny, but I really liked his stuff.



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