Prague nel Inverno … con’t

Prague in the Winter … Continued

Old town square

Prague’s town square is pretty unique looking – check out the Tyn Church in the background up there. It’s a little bit too bad that the modern buildings are built up right in front of it. But it’s still pretty amazing looking.

Also, There was a festival going on in the main square – full of street food, so we loved to hang out there. Overall we found the food in Prague a little bit disappointing. It’s possible that it’s partly because we didn’t do enough food research prio to leaving, and our lonely planet guide was somewhat out of date – we couldn’t find half the restaurants, and the other half were meh. Street food to the rescue!

Astronomical clock

The astronomical clock gathered a crowd every time it was about to do its ‘show’. We stayed to watch the show once … it was slightly underwhelming. Something about apostles coming out like a cuckoo clock? But the clock itself looked awesome.

Tower at night

In the evenings we wandered around the city – it’s *very* photogenic at night. Dramatic lighting and old + new together made for great composition.

Art Nouveau Building


Old Square at Night

Old Square at night

Charles Bridge & the Castle at Night

We must have taken 30 pictures of this night time view of the castle and Charles Bridge.

Ryan’s sad we can’t have hot dogs – b/c we just ate

self-portrait with Starbucks


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