Prague nel Inverno

Prague in the Winter

What? Just ’cause it’s summer now doesn’t mean I can’t write about the trips we took last winter … Prague slowed me down ’cause I took approximately 8000000 pictures. (Approximately). I managed to whittle them down to 3 posts worth … and I kinda sorta remember what they were of. Prague had been on my list forever, and we finally managed to get there for a long weekend.

First Meal

Our first night we headed out to a local place for some Czech food. It was a lively bar restaurant – where we tried a couple of beers and local food – meat with gravy and starches (potatoes, rice balls, dumplings …) … pretty much everything that Italian food isn’t.

St. Vitus Cathedral in the Castle Complex

As usual, we didn’t really know what we were going to do in Prague, so we opened up the Lonely Planet guide the next morning and sorted through the ‘things to do’. First stop Prague Castle.

Awesome ceiling inside the palace

We bought the multi-ticket – St. Vitus cathedral, St. George’s Basilica, The Golden Lane, Old Royal Palace.

Prague Castle … on a manhole cover. Clearly awesome.

Golden Street – with lots of tiny doors

Hot Wine and sugar/cinnamon pastry

After touring around the castle, we tried a local warm pastry that is wrapped around a rod,  and baked with cinnamon and sugar. It went very well with warm wine … especially since it was fricking freezing out.

View from the Castle

Then we started to work our way back down from the Castle. The views of the city were gorgeous.

Another high view

Crossing the Charles Bridge – view of the Castle in the background


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