Guardando Avanti e in Dietro

Looking Forward, and Looking Back

I am looking forward to moving back to DC because:
– I have good friends to go back to, and new friends who will be there for a while
– my family will be closer
– lots of little things will be easier
– I’m looking forward to setting up a permanent home with Ryan – like with towels that match, and walls that are painted.
– I want to play sports again
– I want to see sports again
– I like that Americans smile at each other
– some thing about Italy are driving me nuts
– most things about my current job are driving me nuts

I’m not looking forward because:
– I’ll miss italy
– i’ll miss travelling
– I’m nervous about changing jobs again … this one’s kind of inexplicable
– there’s a lot of stuff I’ll have to get taken care of: drivers licenses, various whatnot.
– there are some friends I won’t see again
– traffic in DC means it sucks to get out of town for the weekend. I’m thinking we should take more three-four day weekends in DC than we did before. I don’t know why we didn’t take more time off.


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One response to “Guardando Avanti e in Dietro

  1. elaines330

    Oh, yes, more time off sounds good. It’s healthy for you. I like the part about your family being closer.
    Nice story about the peonies and all the other day.

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