Colazione per Cena

Breakfast for Dinner

Breakfast for dinner is one of Ryan’s and my favorite meals. Not only is it delicious (and impossible to find in Italy – even Breakfast for Breakfast) … but it’s also cheap, fast, and easy. aaaand, we usually have the ingredients even when we’ve just returned from a week of travel. Bonus!

Of course, this title only relates to one of the following … but here are some fun conversations Ryan and I have had lately. :-p


Yesterday morning, at work, Ryan was looking around my desk:

Kate: What do you need?
Ryan: I don’t know
I pretend to look around, under my desk…
Kate: “I’m looking for my motivation”
Ryan: That’s about accurate.


At home, Ryan tries to throw a shirt into the laundry, but I’m between him & the basket, so I put my arms up over my head:

Ryan: What are you doing?
Kate: I’m assisting you.
He throws me the shirt, I throw it in the hamper.
Kate: I’m trying to up my stats, yo. I wanted the assist.
Ryan: (laughing) Ok, but in that situation I’d get the assist.


At home, Ryan’s looking for his coat :

Ryan: Where’s my coat?
Kate: I think it’s hanging up.
Ryan: You hung up my coat?
Kate: No, I think you actually hung up your coat.
Ryan: I did?
Kate: I know, it was weird.


Making dinner reservations over IM:

Kate: We have to make dinner reservations, Can you help me?
Ryan: sure
Kate: I was thinking Trastevere.
Ryan: Oi
Ryan: Ok
Kate: was that ‘Oi’ a Freudian slip? We don’t have to go to Trastevere.
Ryan: I mistyped ‘Ok’! I didn’t mean ‘Oi’!


Morning Conversation:

Kate: Last night’s dinner was actually really good.
Ryan: We’re so simple!
Kate: Well, it was really nice of you to make me that egg.
Ryan: I feel like it’s cheating when I say to you “What would you like? I’ll make you whatever you want. I’ll make you your favorite thing.”, and you say “Eggs!”


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