Mio Marito Compie gli Anni

My Husband Celebrates his Birthday

What? He did celebrate a birthday … in October. And I’m almost done with October’s posts … now that it’s February.

(And now that I’ve been home sick for an entire week, plus 2 days the week before, and 2 days before that.)

Anyway, in October Ryan celebrated a birthday, and we had a few friends over. Since we know he’s such a big Cardinals fan …

I may or may not have gotten red sprinkles all over the counter …

This cake wasn’t a German Chocolate Cake … Ryan’s favorite. This one was what we managed to find the ingredients for at a regular Italian grocery store. But it turned out pretty well anyway.

Also the last time I made German Chocolate cake it was quite an ordeal. Ryan’s mom used to always make German Chocolate cake for Ryan for his birthday, so for Ryan’s first birthday when we were together I thought I’d make him his favorite cake. The only thing was, I didn’t really know anything about German Chocolate cake. So I looked it up online, of course. The problem of course with looking up something online is that sometimes there’s too much information. I found 5 different recipes that all seemed good … but were all different. And not knowing anything about German Chocolate cake … or baking, really … I didn’t know which one to use. So … I went with The Joy of Cooking – the trusty standby. The Joy of Cooking gave me a recipe that started with chocolate bars that I chopped and melted, and nuts that I chopped, and flour. And separating the egg white and yolk, and mixing dry first, and then wet … and using multiple bowls, and I had to go buy another round pan ’cause it called for 3  layers … and it took me an entire day to make the cake and the icing from scratch.

And after all that you know what I found out? It turns out there’s a mix for German Chocolate cake, and you can buy the icing pre-made too. And that’s the cake that Ryan grew up on and has a nostalgic soft spot for. *sigh* I have tried to make German Chocolate cake since then. It’s too much work. ;-)

And here’s one more picture, just for fun … of Ryan in his Halloween costume. (That he made the day of!)

Happy Belated, Baby!



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3 responses to “Mio Marito Compie gli Anni

  1. Pat

    Your homemake german chocolate cake looked wonderful…I remember the photo of it. This cake looks great too! Yes, I always used the german chocolate cake mix but maybe Ryan doesn’t know I always made the icing from scratch….or at least I know I did several times, but maybe cheated once or twice with storebought icing if I was short on time!!! Homemade is always better!

    • Even the icing is an ordeal to make from scratch! Maybe we should make a german chocolate cake when Ryan and I are in MO this summer … That and pancakes … and that raspberry cheese thing Ryan likes, and … and … I kinda can’t wait to come visit. :)

      • Pat

        I kinda can’t wait for you to come visit! You sound like Sophia as we always have to make pancakes. And one weekend when I wasn’t feeling very good she kept getting a baggie of flour out of the pantry and bringing it to me. I really felt like a bad Grandma telling her not right now. :(

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