Mangiando Bene a Montalcino

Eating Well in Montalcino

Baked Deliciousness - Appetizer

Our first meal in Montalcino was after the Banfi wine tasting. We had planned on eating at our hotel restaurant (which smelled amazing when we walked in), but they were full, so we asked for a recommendation. They sent us next door – which always makes me nervous. Is this place actually going to be good, or are they just buddies and send each other overflow.

Baked Pecorino and Honey

Lucky for us, next door was Re di Macchia was right next door, and it was actually fantastic. It was a tiny family run place, with good service. We had a great bottle of Nostravita Rosso di Montalcino and excellent food.

Lasagna ... but really really good lasagna

Meat with Brunello Sauce

Flaming dessert, and Excellent Tiramisu

Lunch the next day was recommended both by friends of ours and the guy at the Banfi Winery …

Various Crostini - cheese, truffle, pesto ... delicious!

Our first real day in Montalcino we stopped by the restaurant to reserve our lunch in advance – turns out it was a good thing we did because a HUGE group came in as we were enjoying our meal. Lunch was at Taverna Grappolo Blu, a small typical Taverna.

Col D'Orcia Brunello

Not wanting to stop tasting wine just ’cause we needed some sustenance, we picked another Brunello to try at lunch.

Delicious Homemade Fresh Pasta with Meat

Meat and Polenta?

For a small town in Tuscany … Montalcino is a pretty good place to eat and drink well!



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