Che Cose C’è da Vedere a Montalcino

What is there to see in Montalcino?

Castle in Montalcino

We only really had a day in Montalcino to see things. So, we started at the top, and worked our way down the hill.

Bedroom and view at our hotel

Ok, well, technically started at the hotel. Since there were four of us we rented a little apartment – the price was right too. The hotel was called Albergo il Giglio. The main room was really adorable, and it had a great view over Tuscan rooftops to the countryside.

Breakfast Room

The breakfast room had an even better view. They serve dinner at night too, and I heard it was really good – unfortunately we didn’t get to try it since we hadn’t reserved in advance. Oh well … maybe the next time.

Obligatory Church Photo

Tower in the Town Center

We wandered through town and took a few pictures … so we could prove that we saw something in the city besides the inside of enotecas.

Wine tasting - Tech-Style

Some of the enotecas were from specific wineries, so they had free tastings and we bought a bottle or two. Some of them had wine from lots of wineries and they let us taste a few wines and then recommended wines based on what we liked. One of the more commercial ones was the one in this picture. They gave you a card to take around, and you used it in the machines to choose which wines you wanted to taste. Tastings ranged from a Euro to 16 Euro, depending on the quality of the wine. We had fun tasting a selection.

More Brunello in Montalcino

View of the Countryside from an Enoteca

Refueling stop at an old coffee shop



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2 responses to “Che Cose C’è da Vedere a Montalcino

  1. Great pictures. I live in northern Tusany, but if ever I’m around the South of Tuscany Montalcino is always a place I like to stop at.

  2. Pat

    Beautiful pics. The one looks like a painting!

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