Roma in Ottobre

Rome in October

Trajan's Forum

Can you tell I’m starting to get nostalgic about Rome? I’m finally actually bringing my camera around with me in Rome. Though in October that was encouraged by the fact that we had some friends visiting too.

Trajan's Forum

I love the way the city looks at night. The colors and the lights are gorgeous … and there are fewer tourists.


Constantine's Arch

I took about 10 versions of that Arch picture … and I still didn’t quite get what I wanted. But I had fun!

Piazza Venezia

Dinner at Taverna Trilussa

For dinner we went to Taverna Trilussa – I forgot how good that place is. It’s a little expensive (14 euro pastas), but the pastas are great, and it’s a nice restaurant inside. The Antipasti are pretty good too. I always get the award winning pasta that has sausage in it. Highly recommended.


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  1. Missing Rome is far worse than being homesick…

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