Attraverso il Ponte a Bagnioregio

Across the Bridge to Bagnioregio

I took this picture!

Bagnioregio is famous pretty much for that photo above. It’s a small town on top of a hill with a really picturesque bridge that leads up to it. There’s not much actually going on there, but there are some restaurants, and some views … and it’s cute.

Cooking Sausage in the Main Square

We were fortunate enough to have stumbled upon Bagnioreggio when they had a little something going on in the main square. That turned out to be double fortunate when we couldn’t get into a restaurant without a 45 minute wait and I was starving. The sausage was good. :)

Checking out the views in town before lunch

As it turns out, I was glad we had planned to do lunch – ’cause there wasn’t much else to do in Bagnioreggio … at all. Granted it’s cold-ish, and there’s always less going on in the off season … but …. yeah.

Stone and ivy

Pasta with Truffles ... 'cause I adore truffles.

Lunch was really good, thank goodness. We used a Rick Steves recommendation – Osteria Al Forno di Agnese, and the food was great. We had a lovely relaxed meal.

Bridge away from the city

Playing around with a view ...

Making friends with a local.



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3 responses to “Attraverso il Ponte a Bagnioregio

  1. “Making friends with a Local” — looks a lot like making friends with a left wing POLITICIAN, named Jack A_ _ !!!!!!!

    BTW isn’t that the mascot for one of the US political parties????

    Sorry, could not resist in an election year. ;-)))))

    Amazing little town I have never heard of but the setting is just beautiful, no doubt an effective approach to self defense when first built.

  2. I love your approach to travel:
    explore, eat, relax, explore, eat
    limit planning and be open to the experience as you find it

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