Taormina – Il Sole al Mare

Taormina – The Sun at the Sea

On the way to Taormina

Taormina was our last Sicilian stop. Our sunshiny arrival was along beautiful cliffs, with sunshine reflecting off the water. Taormina is a bit of a summertime tourist (and probably local) destination. Since we were in the offseason, our arrival was easy. But I can only imagine how insane the traffic must be on the tiny twisty roads in the summer season. I’m so a fan of off-season travel!

Views outside Taormina, Sicily

We kept stopping along the side of the road to hop out and admire the views and take pictures. (And we might have missed a turn or two.

Mount Etna, Sicily

First Piazza

Taormina itself is pretty ridiculously adorable and photogenic. Also the sky and the sun helped. (I looked inside that church up there … it looked like a church.)

Arancini at Arancini in Corso

We read on tripadvisor about Arancini in Corso. Arancini are a classic Sicilian fried ‘fast’ food. They’re rice balls filled with deliciousness and fried. Arancini in Corso had a whole list of options. Our favorite was the one with sausage and peas and cheese … and delicious. It was completely awesome, and exactly the kind of meal we love when we travel. Local, quick, cheap, and delicious!

Church on the Main Piazza

This main piazza is where most of the tourists gathered – all around there were beautiful buildings, and at the edge were beautiful sea views.

Wandering the Streets

We wandered up and down the streets in Taormina – it was lots of tourist shops and coffee shops and such. I bought a painted tile … but mostly we just wandered. The one thing Ryan really wanted was a Granita, and the opinions on TripAdvisor were unanimous that Bam Bar was the place to go. Seriously, the descriptions were mouth watering … even now I’m thinking about it. Unfortunately Bam Bar was closed on Monday, and we were there on Monday.

Tiny Sicilian Cassata

We tracked down some traditional Sicilian pastries instead – mini cannoli, and mini Cassata. I’ve learned that I don’t really like Sicilian pastries … except for that profiterole thing I ate in Palermo … I’d fly back for another one of those.

Entryway to the City

Hanging in the Main Piazza

I can certainly see why people like Taormina so much – we had a great little visit. And I especially enjoyed teasing Ryan as I sat on a wall enjoying the view of Mount Etna…

He’s so cute!!



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  1. Elaine Swingle

    liked the video. :)

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