In Macchina in Sicilia

In the Car in Sicily


For our Sicilian trip we rented a car so we could cover more ground – and ’cause it keeps us from having to do too much advance planning. This was another one of those trips where we had only the first hotel night planned before we left. The Car we ended up with was a Fiat 500, also known as a Cinquecento (pronounced Chin-kway-chen-toe, means 500 in Italian). Our car was the new version of this Italian classic – but it still amused me to no end to be driving around in one.

Driving through Sicily had the usual adventures – getting stuck behind tractors, windy roads through the hillsides …

lots of tunnels…

Oh yeah, and lots of roads that were closed. This one was reasonably obvious – unfortunately it wasn’t obvious until we got there.

this one was less obvious … what does ‘dissestata’ even mean? We went for it … that’s our usual tactic, but also we didn’t know how else to get to our destination. The main problem with the street closures was that there wasn’t any real way to get good complete information. Usually we’d get a hint ’cause there’d be a piece of paper taped over a city name on a directional sign at a roundabout, but usually we didn’t totally figure it out until we saw the closed road. It’s like playing a video game where the whole map is blacked out until you go down each dead end, and by the time you reach your destination (in more than twice the time it’s supposed to take) the whole map is lit up … and you wish you had that information when you left in the morning. I’m just saying … it was sort of like that.

But the views were pretty great …

So I still recommend renting a car. :)



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4 responses to “In Macchina in Sicilia

  1. nowdave

    don’t know when you were in Sicily but I know why Ryan choose the Fiat 500:

    He must have seen the ad BEFORE it played during the superbowl

    • Too funny! I heard about this commercial, but hadn’t gotten a chance to see it. Ryan was in the states for the Superbowl and he said everyone turned to him to ask him what the ad was saying. :)

  2. We drive a baby blue Fiat bambino in Australia and people smile and wave at it all the time.

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