Una Cena dal Mare a Siracusa

Dinner from the Sea in Syracuse

Bread with Olive Oil and Spices

For dinner we had an amazing meal at Apollonion Osteria da Carlo. As usual, we found it on TripAdvisor.

Tiny Fish and Oysters and Lobstery Shrimpy Things

Apollonion did a fixed menu of all kinds of amazing seafood. The idea was that it’s one price, and they serve you what’s fresh. It was pretty amazing.

Baby fish cakes

Sooo … you see those white wormy looking things in those fish cakes? Definitely ‘neonati’ (‘newborn’) fish. Definitely wasn’t sure I understood the guy when he explained that in Italian. But it became clear when I saw their tiny eyes and fins. Soo… a little strange, but unquestionably delicious.

Baked Stuffed Clams, I think. And maybe big Shrimp in the background

Pasta with Shellfish

By the time we reached the pasta, we knew we couldn’t eat it all. But it, like everything else before it, was delicious.

My very first Barnacles!

The seafood pasta had barnacles in it … which was interesting. ‘Cause I’m used to seeing those stuck to poles at the jersey shore. And I know you think that would psychologically bias me … but I’m pretty sure I just don’t like barnacles. I ate the newborn fish didn’t I?

Salmon? I think it was Salmon ...

Lemon Granita for Dessert ... and Ryan

This meal definitely satisfied the craving for seafood. I love getting to try so many different things in one sitting, and the courses were great. We’d definitely recommend this restaurant for a Sicilian fresh seafood fix.



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2 responses to “Una Cena dal Mare a Siracusa

  1. Elaine Swingle

    I’m impressed that you tried the baby fish cakes and the barnacles. You two are better eaters than me.

    • I would say that we were a good halfway through the fish cakes before we figured out what they were … and by that point we knew they were delicious.

      As for the barnacles … since I’m used to seeing them stuck to poles in the brown jersey bay, I didn’t even know people ate them. I had a few, but there was so little meat in them, and they actually didn’t taste very good. :)

      Also, when you’re eating the food at what is obviously a good restaurant, at some point you have to trust them that they know what they’re doing. :)

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