La Storia Antica a Siracusa

Ancient History in Siracusa

Ryan and the Greek Amphitheater, 3-5 century BC

Ara di Ierone II - (Altar), 3rd Century BC

This archeological ruins park was right across the street from our hotel, and still we had to work hard to convince ourselves that it was worth going to see some more ruins. I guess it’s hard to tell which ruins are worth the 9 Euro entrance fee after you’ve seen so many … how spoiled does that sound?

Trees & trails on teh way to Dionysis' Ear

Dionysis Ear

Roman Amphitheater, 3rd Century

Fortunately these ruins turned out to be different … and quite impressive. So, I’d call them worth it if you’re going to be near Siracusa. :)




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2 responses to “La Storia Antica a Siracusa

  1. Elaine

    That’s a beautiful amphitheater.

    I had to look up Dionysius’ ear. I couldn’t see the ear.

    “Much of the stone used to construct Siracusa came from this quarry area, home to several caves. This one, the Ear of Dionysius, has an interesting history. According to legend, Dionysius, the tyrant (ruler) of Siracusa, kept prisoners inside this cave because its unusual acoustics allowed him to hear even the faintest of whispers uttered within. The artist Caravaggio gave the cave its name.”

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