Siracusa di Sicilia

Syracuse of Sicily

Archimedes Square, Fountain of Diana

Like most trips, we showed up to Siracusa on half of a recommendation, and with no information. But, you know … the hotel had a little pamphlet with tiny pictures and a paragraph or two of information. So that’s good, right?

Approaching the Cathedral from the side

It was actually pretty freezing when we were in Siracusa … and I got the impression that the town, being right on the water as it is, is probably a lot more happening when it’s warmer out. But it was pretty … so we took a few pictures … before we bolted into the Cathedral to defrost.

Cathedral of Siracusa

Cathedral Gate

Piazza del Duomo

Port Views

After the Cathedral we wandered along the edge of Ortigia – the island thingy that’s the old part of Siracusa. I took about 800 pictures of the view … none of which really do it justice.

After a nice long walk … we started looking for dinner options. A beautiful (but freezing) walk along the water watching the sunset can really work up an appetite, you know? ;-)


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One response to “Siracusa di Sicilia

  1. Elaine Swingle

    We can tell it’s a beautiful port.

    That Cathedral gate looks like your favorite type of gate.

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