Saliamo La Scala dei Turchi

Climbing the Stair of the Turks

The Scala dei Turchi is close to Agrigento, and was recommended by my admirers at the Valle dei Templi the day before. So after breakfast we headed that way to check it out.

Getting there meant parking on a random dead end street, walking across the beach, and climbing the ‘stairs’.

According to Wikipedia, the Scala is formed by marl, a sedimentary rock with a characteristic white color. They’re called the ‘Turks’ steps after the frequent raids carried on by Turkish and Barbary Coast pirates.

But, of course, we went with none of that information … we just went to climb on some rocks and check out the views.

Ryan liked this rock … until one huge wave came up … and soaked him. And his only pair of shoes…

Good thing he could drive barefoot, so we could dry his stuff. :)



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2 responses to “Saliamo La Scala dei Turchi

  1. Elaine Swingle

    I liked that last picture!

  2. Dave

    Wow! Reminds me a bit of Giants’ Causeway in Ireland. Very cool.

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