Agrigento e La Valle dei Templi

Agrigento and The Valley of the Temples

Next on our list was a two hour drive to Agrigento, to see the Valley of the Temples. A UNESCO heritage site full of Greek Temples. We arrived somewhat late, so we weren’t entirely sure if we’d be able to go into the valley or not.

When we got to Valle dei Tempi I hopped out of the car to figure out if it was worth paying to park … and the wolves attacked. I was called beautiful, had my hand kissed, was given recommendations for dinner and restaurants … and told that the park was still open … for me, since I was beautiful.

Shame on me for being so used to being shaken down for money … I was all prepared to tell them that we didn’t want to pay for a tour … and that’s when we realized that they were just all being nice! We slipped into the park just before closing time, and we raced the sunset.

The Valle dei tempi was positively breathtaking. It was sunset with ruins, modern bronze statues, well preserved ancient temples, beautiful olive trees, beautiful views of hills, valleys and ocean, and lots of dramatic lighting. I loved the contrast between ancient temples and more recent sculptures as well.

We had so much fun running around and looking at the temples, and the sunset was incredible. We followed the lights to find more temples, and then ran ahead of each other framing photos. The air was crisp, but not cold. There was a breeze … and it was *gorgeous*.

By the way … I tried to pare down these photos, but this is the best I could do.

Seriously, could this be more gorgeous?


It’s funny, ’cause I had heard positive and negative views of Agrigento. Some said it wasn’t worth a special trip just to see it. And having seen lots of Roman ruins all over Italy and Europe … what would make this site so different?  I think the artistic layout did some of the work – with the contrast of old and new. I love how the green olive trees look against the yellow stone, and the grounds were obviously well cared for. But the sunset was really the x-factor that made the trip. And pair this up with the restaurant that you’re going to read about next, and it’ll be well worth the trip…


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  1. Dave

    The composition and lighting of these phoyos here are fabulous. Very creative and really capture the mood — BRAVISSIMO !!!!

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