Palermo, Arrivando nella Capitale della Sicilia

Palermo, Arriving in the Capital of Sicily

My pizza – speck, grana, rucola, bufala, funghi, pomodorini

October finally brought us to Sicily, for a whirlwind long weekend car trip. Palermo was the cheap and easy airport option, so that’s where we flew into, and rented our car from. We arrived in the evening and drove straight to our hotel. Where the front desk person told me the garage was full … and then relented. It turned out to be a subjective definition of full.  ’cause it’s not like there were parking spots, and everyone was already double-parked anyway.

For dinner we decided to check out a Katie Parla recommendation, and ended up wandering down some dark and too empty streets, so we decided to meander back towards the hotel. Ryan was at a crisis point with his hunger (It does happen!) … so I was leading the charge. It was 1030 and we were starting to worry about even finding a place that was still serving dinner, until we saw this one place that was absolutely packed.


Ryan at dinner

We looked through the menu and ordered quickly: some sicilian appetizers, and a couple pizzas. And then Ryan proceeded to lament everything that walked by our table that we hadn’t ordered. “Did you see that chicken? I could really go for some chicken.” What’s on those meat sticks? Are those chicken wings?! How was I supposed to know they had chicken wings?!”

When Ryan’s pizza came out, it was just a simple sausage and american pepperoni pizza.

ryan: this tastes like american pizza.
me: are you disappointed?
him: no, it’s amazing!

When we could eat no more, we each had half a pizza left. The restaurant owner came by and asked us if it was good. We assured him that it was delicious, but that we had eaten too much before dinner. So he asked us if we wanted a box to take it to go (wait, what? Is he offering us a box??) “Because tomorrow,” he says, “it will be even better!” – and he kissed his fingers 5 times to emphasize his point. After that performance, we couldn’t possibly turn him down. So, with a to go box full of pizza … we started the walk back to the hotel. And got caught in a torrential downpour.

The locals huddled under awnings and restaurant tents, and crowded into doorways. And we did too … until it let up a little bit. And then we started walking, and got caught in the rain again. At some point it was pretty clear we weren’t making it back to the hotel dry … so we just embraced the ridiculousness of the rainstorm, and got soaked. We just laughed, and walked … and figured we’d dry when we got back to the hotel. You should have seen the looks we got … particularly when we passed the chic bar next to the hotel, and walked into the pristine lobby. As usual, no one said anything – they just stared. When we walked into the lobby, I responded to the shocked looks with a simple “We found the rain!” … as if it had been lost. :)


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One response to “Palermo, Arrivando nella Capitale della Sicilia

  1. Dave

    I guess they never heard the american phrase ” Wash and Wear”

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