E i Vinciatori Sono …

And the Winners Are …

All dressed up ...

It’s old news by now, but the Cardinals had an amazing end to their regular season this year, and the post season was pretty good too. Ryan and I don’t have any really good way to watch the games from here – no sports bars, no ESPN, no fellow fans to cheer with. But we manage to find a way.

For our wedding some friends gave us our very own Cardinals jersies. Ryan picked #23 ’cause that’s always been his number

I picked #5 ’cause it was Albert Pujols number, but also Connie Wisniewski‘s #. Connie was the first player of the year in the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League … and she was Polish.

collecting stares in our cards gear on the town ...

Not having anywhere to go to watch the games … we set up to watch them at home. Ryan bought the post-season pass, and we set up the laptop connected to the TV to watch the post season games. The only hard part was that they usually started at 2am. That can be a little rough on trying to go to work the next day. I did my best to stay awake – but Ryan was the real trooper.

Getting geared up for Game 7 ... Game time: 2am.

I think Ryan really missed being able to go out to a sports bar or gather some friends together to watch the game. And while I was there to celebrate with him – it would have been more fun to celebrate with a crowd. That’s one thing we’re certainly looking forward to being back in the states for.


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  1. Elaine Swingle

    I love your post.

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