Ancora a Oktoberfest – Ultimo Giorno

At Oktoberfest Again – Last Day

Saturday Morning - an hour before the tents open

Schottenhamel is one of the oldest halls. Saturday morning is a huge day at Oktoberfest, and getting in the tent means getting to the tent hours before they open. We had some trouble with finding the correct line, and ultimately had serious trouble getting in the tent.

Outside at the Schottenhamel tent

Eventually we made it in … to the outside. Which was victory enough, since it was a beautiful day, and outside still had tables and service. Victory!

Kasespaetzle ... again. hooray!

Schottenhamel was very festive – we made some new friends again, and enjoyed tasting fun new German food throughout the day.

Ryan's knife trick wins again!

Ryan losing at arm wrestling

Amazing dessert - bread, raisins, nuts, applesauce ... deliciousness

Making new friends!

Eventually we did get tired of sitting at Schottenhamel, so we picked up and decided to check out another tent. Lowenbrau won out … gotta try somewhere new, right?

Next stop ... Lowenbrau

‘Course I think the tents were pretty much all the same anyway.

Bird's Eye view of Lowenbrau

Lowenbrau was packed by the time we got there – we walked through the crowds twice, but there was nowhere to sit – so we settled in upstairs to watch the crazy singing crowd from above.

Ryan gets another hotdog :)

It was a pretty great last visit to Oktoberfest – we got in lots of tents, we ate street food, pork knuckles, and lots of kasespaetzle, and we finally rode some Oktoberfest rides!! We’ll miss Oktoberfest next year… but I think we put in a pretty good showing. :)


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