Oktoberfest Ancora – Giorni 1 e 2

Oktoberfest Again – Days 1 & 2

Main Square in Munich

Apparently we really like Oktoberfest … so this September we went back to Munich, for one last hurrah. Our first night there we checked into our hotel and then wandered into downtown to check out the scene and get some dinner. I love the main square …

Random Clocktower

We walked around for a bit with no real destination in mind … just checking out the lights and the stores and the people.

Augustiner, My beer & Ryan's Dunkel

We settled on a random restaurant that looked cozy and had a table. The restaurant served only Augstiner beer – so I picked a normal beer & Ryan went with a dunkel.

Bread Dumpling with Mushrooms ... Yes Please!

We ordered some German classics and just relaxed. I’m a huge fan of anything dumpling-like with anything sauce-like.

Rice ball and meat - Ryan's meal

Pretzels in the Augustiner tent

Our first morning at Oktoberfest was at the Augustiner tent – where we started with pretzels … and beer … ’cause that’s what happens when you sit at a table. They bring you beer.

First Oktoberfest morning

We spent most of the day at the Augustiner tent, but eventually we decided we’d head out and go somewhere else…

Late night visit to the Paulaner tent

The Paulaner tent was a really happening party every time we went by, unfortunately we could never actually get in. But we had fun outside too. :) Actually, I had fun, but Ryan fell asleep with his head on the table.


I ordered Kasespaetzle – which is like german macaroni and cheese. and It. Was. Awesome. It came with onions mixed in, but also crispy onions on top. I may have eaten it at every oktoberfest tent after this … but I’m pretty sure this was the best.

Ryan sleeping on the train home

It was a full day … apparently it wore Ryan out. ;-)




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2 responses to “Oktoberfest Ancora – Giorni 1 e 2

  1. Tina

    love your outfit!

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