Ancora a Oktoberfest – Giorno 3

At Oktoberfest Again – Day 3

Starting the day at Hofbrau House

Day 3 kicked off at Hofbrau house – with a table full of friends … some new and some old. :)

Pork Knuckle - Ryan's Favorite Oktoberfest Food


Ryan looking festive with the hops at Hofbrau house

Ryan amazes the crowd with his knife trick

Ryan did his knife trick again this year … and managed to show the Oktoberfest waitresses something they had never seen before. It was fun to see those tough ladies smiling and asking us to show them again.

Hofbrau house, with Ryan's new hat

We hung out at Hofbrau house from the morning into the mid afternoon – and then we headed out into the sunshine, and the streetfair that is the rest of Oktoberfest.

Ryan gets a hot dog!

We filled up on street food hotdogs with mustard, chocolate covered everything …

Posing with the Hofbrau display

And then we ran around and looked at everything.

Getting ready to actually ride a ride! (the swings)

Every other time we’ve come to Oktoberfest we’ve talked about riding the rides and we’ve never done it. This time we actually made it happen. First ride? The Swings!

Main Square in the daytime

Then we wandered out of Oktoberfest to the rest of town. We decided to get a real meal at another restaurant. It was actually a fondue restaurant, but I had breakfast for lunch, and I think Ryan had ribs … and another dunkel.

Night time = carnival time

At the end of the day the rest of our group went home … and Ryan and I had a high school date night at the fair. It was actually really really great. We watched a few rides, we rode a few rides … and we wandered through the crowds holding hands. I loved it!

Roller coaster!


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