Una Ristorante Nuova a Roma

A New Restaurant in Rome

Romantic Setting

So, I’ve found a new favorite restaurant in Rome. Don’t tell anyone, ’cause I’ll be really disappointed if I can’t get in there anymore. We discovered it through a friend who arranged his going away dinner there. Dinner went so well that the next friend to leave arranged his going away there too.

Faggotino con Mozzarella

The restaurant is relatively new. It’s run by a french woman – who came to our table at one of our dinners and went through the whole menu with us, explaining the concept and talking us through the dishes and her recommendations.

Fettuccini with meat and zucchini

The restaurant does roman classic dishes (the same ones you can get everywhere else), new twists on classics (like pesto with basil and mint), other Italian dishes (see above … it was awesome), lots of risotto (strawberry basil, champagne and rosemary, lemon … seriously all amazing), and some french dishes too.

Tournedos - to die for

I now order the Tournedos every single time. It’s Filet Mignon wrapped in pancetta, topped with crushed green and pink peppercorns, in a cognac cream sauce. It’s ridiculously awesome.

Oh, and the service is good, the atmosphere is romantic, the wine is good, and there’s a convenient and cute wine bar right next door.

Casa Coppelle
Piazza delle Coppelle, 49, Roma


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