Ostia Antica in Settembre

Ostia Antica in September

Tomb Street - Remains of Mausoleums

Ostia Antica is really near Rome, and we’d never been. So on a sunny day in September we finally decided to check it out. I brought our Rick Steves book, and did his Ostia Antica walking tour, which was just our speed.

I <3 Broccoli Trees and Rocky roads

Fortunately for us, it was a beautiful day. We had nowhere to be, so we mostly wandered around and enjoyed the views. I love the way the brown and green and blue all come together.

I also love Mosaics

I think this mosaic was near the baths – and I’m pretty sure it’s full of dolphins and sea dragons and things … one can never have too many sea dragons in the bath.

Hanging out at the Amphitheater

More Broccoli Trees

The above picture with Broccoli trees – I’m pretty sure I took about 12 versions of that picture, I loved the view so much.

View of the Roman Amphiteater

Mosaics in front of the market stalls

Ostia Antica was Rome’s waterfront port. It’s where all of the goods came in on ships for sale and trade. In this main marketplace area the goods available in each stall were identified by mosaic pictorial ‘signs’.

Getting cozy with the natives

I didn’t actually feel like there was a lot to see at Ostica Antica – but then I hardly ever do well with Roman ruins. I imagine it’s because I’m not good at imagining cities. Maybe it’s one of those places that’s better with a tour guide. But for us, it was still a good little side trip. And definitely better than staying in our apartment.


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