La Spiaggia del Paradiso – Sardegna

The Beach in Paradise – Sardinia

Ready to hit the beach!

Our house was just up the hill from the beach. The picture above shows our view as we make our way down the path to the beach. The location was fantastic.

Our semi-private beach

The beach we had access to wasn’t exactly a private beach, but it’s located at the bottom of a private neighborhood, so it’s not easily accesible to the masses – perfect for us! It happened to be rainy the first day  we went to check out the beach, so the chairs weren’t out – but normally there are chairs set up under all the little thatch umbrellas that you can rent.

Cafe Entrance

Just up from the beach there is a little cafe where we got lunch and coffee and water. The entrance to it was pretty gorgeous.

Enjoying a local beer and hiding from the deluge

When it started to really pour, we hung out at the cafe for a bit and chatted.

Finding our own rocky beach

The sandy areas of the beach were small, but we could walk along the water’s edge for a long way, climbing over rocks and ledges. It was actually completely gorgeous, and totally empty. We loved it.

Rock jumping :-p

Driving back to the airport

Being on a trip with friends, all staying in the same house, right up the hill from a gorgeous beach – with sangria and views every night … it was one of our best vacations yet. It was so relaxed, and so much fun. It was one of our best vacations yet. We spent this whole drive back to the airport trying to figure out how much it would cost us to just change our flight and stay a few more days …

Wouldn't this make you want to stay?



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2 responses to “La Spiaggia del Paradiso – Sardegna

  1. Elaine Swingle

    Yes, it would make me want to stay…

  2. Lovely little island, isn’t she?

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