Roma in Agosto

Rome in August


Summer tents on the Tevere

Rome in August is a mixed bag. Lots of restaurants and stores are closed (boo), but many locals go on vacation so there is plenty of parking (yay!). And every summer there is a new outdoor hangout along the Tevere. There are restaurants, bars and shops that all get built up.

Cozze e Vongole, along the Tevere

Ryan and I picked out a packed riverside restaurant to load up on seafood – and Mussels and Clams are among our favorites.

Fried Moscardini and Calamari

This was the dish we saw everyone ordering, including walkups to the window who walked away with paper cones … and it was fantastic. Moscardini are mini octopuses … I think.

My view during dinner ... not bad, huh?

Strawberry Tiramisu, from the best Tiramisu place in Rome

Everyone talks about Pompi as the best tiramisu in Rome – and this was our first opportunity to try it. Ryan was generous enough to let us try Strawberry (for me) instead of coffee (for him). Though I think next time we’ll have to try the coffee. I wasn’t actually that impressed … but it’s possible that it’s cause I don’t really like tiramisu. *shrug*

Spaghetti at L'Archetto

L’Archetto is a fun little restaurant in Rome. The menu is an endless list of spaghetti with sauces. Actually, as much as we americans associate spaghetti with Italian food … I think L’Archetto is the only place we’ve actually eaten spaghetti. We like to go there in groups, so each person can order a different dish and we can try them all. I think the one in the picture is the ‘Chanel’ with lobster … and maybe pesto, my favorite! :-p

Ryan and his dance partner at the Fontana di Trevi

Some friends of ours came to Rome for a visit – and their daughter was having fun dancing with Ryan at the Trevi fountain – I may or may not have taken 10 pictures of her dancing around Ryan as a May Pole. :)



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  1. Pat

    I remember Chanel with lobster….it was so delicious!

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