Arrivando in Paradiso – Sardegna

Arriving in Paradise – Sardinia

Night Life in Cagliari

For Labor Day weekend we flew to Sardinia with some friends. Ryan and I arrived a night before everyone else and went into downtown Cagliari to check out the night life. It was pretty lively … right up until it started to rain …

Beach near Cagliari

Our first day we hopped into the car and drove along the coast to see what we could discover. There didn’t seem to be much of tourist interest, but we did check out a couple of beaches. The first beach was down at the end of a sandy road, it looked completely deserted … but then there was a big paid parking lot, so I guess we weren’t the first to find it.

Self-Portrait - beach walking

Relaxing and Chatting with a View

We wandered along the beach until we found a good spot to relax and lounge – where we camped out looking out over the views, and just talked.

Sauteed Mussels

After a hard day of beach walking, we went to get our rental house in order. The rental house was on the southern coast of Sardinia, near Porto Sa Ruxi. The guy at the house recommended a restaurant for us that was towards the nearby town of Villasimus. Considering we weren’t in a packed tourist area and the restaurant was just along the side of the road, we were pretty surprised to find the restaurant so packed! It turned out that it was for good reason. We started off with some mussels – oh, and a bottle of sardinian water that said right on the side of the bottle ‘aids in digestion’. excellent … i guess…

Bottarga con Fregola

I ordered a classic Sardinian dish – Bottarga con Fregola. Fregola is the pasta, Bottarga is fish eggs, and it came with small clams as well. It was really delicious.

Fresh Grilled Seafood

Ryan had a very simple but very fresh grilled seafood dish. There were shrimp, fish, and squid, and it was also very good.

Homemade Sangria on the porch

After dinner we headed back to the beach house to wait for our friends to join us … with some homemade sangria of course.

Breakfast at the beach house

The next morning, with the whole crew, we had an american-style breakfast outside on our patio. You have to be properly prepared for a hard day at the beach, right?


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