Volley sulla Sabbia

Volleyball on the Sand

Kerri Walsh ... as a colorful statue

The Stadio Flaminio – which I believe is the former home of olympic competition – is really near our house. So we hopped on the motorino to see the finals of the FIVB sand volleyball competition. We rode the motorino, it only cost us 5 euro, and we were in!

Kerri serving, Misty May at the net

Kerri Walsh and Misty May were definitely the highlight for us – though we did watch the mens competition as well. It was sooo cool to see them in person.

Receiving, against Brazil

Conferring during a break

The power and the teamwork of these two women was really amazing to watch in person.

Awards Ceremony

The american ladies ended up in second – and fram face book updates, I’m pretty sure Misty had trouble getting her trophy on the airplane as a carryon with Lufthansa. It was pretty awesome to get to watch the competition in person.



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  1. dave

    and I thought the first picture was of you and Ryan ;-)

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