Giro Turistico a Roma in Giugnio

Tourist Tour in Rome in June

Posing at Piazza Venezia

We got married in June, so we had a lot of friends who came to visit, and we did a lot of touring. I’m going to come back to the wedding stuff, so I can give it the time it deserves … so, I’m going to go through some other fun things first. :)

Fountain at Piazza Bernardo

Piazza Bernardo is really just an intersection between the embassy and the train station. Often enough it’s between the office and where we’re going for dinner in the evening – and this fountain looks awesome at night. It was restored a year or so ago, and I love to look at it as we drive by.

Piazza di Spagna - Spanish Steps

Reflecting on Piazza di Spagna

I love taking reflective pictures with Ryan’s glasses. :-p

Posing on Via Margutta w/ T&T

Church on Piazza del Popolo

Having friends come and visit is a great opportunity to take time to really look at and enjoy the things around us. And to take them to our favorite places …

Ryan and Tina at Giolitti

Giolitti is on the Gelato strip in the Centro. We usually take people to ‘della Palma’ to see the crazy huge selection, and then to Giolitti to actually get gelato. (We pass Grom as well – recently I went to Grom while we took our friends to Giolitti – we hadn’t been yet, so I couldn’t recommend it, but I wanted to try it.) Tina got Gelato, and Ryan got his favorite Mandorle e caffe’ granita.

Pantheon at Night

The Pantheon is one of our favorite sights in Rome. I think it’s Ryan’s favorite. The Pantheon piazza seems to jump out of nowhere when you step out of a narrow alleyway into it. It opens up, and all of a sudden there is this amazing building. I love the lighting at night too – sometime we’ll have to come capture it in the middle of the night when noone is around.

Piazza Venezia at Night

We drive by Piazza Venezia often at night – but this time, since we were with friends, we were walking. With the different layers of stairs and statues and the ancient wall in front of the new monument, the view was changing every time we took a step, it was really very picturesque.

Aperol Spritz and Caffe at Cafe de Paris

Cafe de Paris is right on Via Veneto, so it’s terribly overpriced … but it is a Roman institution, and we found ourselves there (and also at Harry’s Bar) during one of our friends’ last weeks in Rome. Sometimes it’s fun to indulge, just for the experience. :)



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2 responses to “Giro Turistico a Roma in Giugnio

  1. Tina

    I remember those places! I was in gelato heaven. What was the name of that semi-frozen coffee drink that we had? Perfect for hot summer day. Thanks for being our tour guides.

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