Il Pomodorino, a Roma

Il Pomodorino ‘The Little Tomato’, in Rome

Ryan with Pizza Bufala con Rucola (Arugula)

Il Pomodorino is a restaurant in Rome that we enjoy – when we  have family come to visit it’s a good first stop after the airport. It keeps them from trying to take a nap at our house.

Pasta Tartufo

The pizza and the mixed grilled meats are both good – but I almost always order from the daily menu which is where the pasta is. These dishes change every day so you never know what the options will be, but the pasta is always fresh and delicious.

Pasta con Funghi (mushrooms)

A Pasta shape I can't remember with meat and roman broccoli

Caffe Macchiato, Caffe (Espresso), Caffe Americano

And the final key to keeping the family awake … coffee!


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One response to “Il Pomodorino, a Roma

  1. Pat

    Rick and I remember this place. Great food! The Caffe Americano was mine…and yes it woke me up for the afternoon walking tour!

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