Cibo Inglese … e gli Ospiti

English Eats … and Guests

Cornish Pasties ... at a rest stop

I *love* cornish pasties. They’re like an amazing pot pie with stew and flaky pastry that you can hold in your hand. The hardest part is choosing which ones to get … and not getting more than we need to eat. They’re the perfect rest stop food!

Fish and Chips in the hotel

One night we did fish and chips from a take out only place. It turned out to be really really good. The fresh fish and the fries were all cooked right in front of us.

This is half of one meal

We couldn’t decide what size to order, and since a large was only one more British pound, we went with that. We ended up eating fish & chips two nights in a row, as one large was more than enough for two people. But it was FANtastic. It’s the best fish and chips I’ve had yet.

Ryan meets our guest

We ate dinner while we watched a movie. When we turned on the lights at the end of the movie, we discovered that someone had joined us to watch the movie.

Seriously ... it was a really big spider

The spider that joined us during the movie was really really big. Yicky big. Fortunately I had a knight in shining armor to take care of it … ’cause I was clearly not going near that thing.





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