Un Giro nella Campagna di Galles – Llandudno

A Ride in the Welsh Countryside

The seaside at a seaside resort

Llandudno is a summertime vacation spot that, of course, we visited in the rainy winter. There’s a long beach with a wide promenade. There are boardwalks and hotels lining the whole waterfront. For us, it was mostly windy and rainy and cold … but at least it wasn’t crowded!

A local bar for dinner

After arriving from Conwy we took a quick walk through town – but there wasn’t much going on and it was starting to rain again. So we headed in for dinner in a local bar.

Ryan's Dinner - fish, potatoes, arugula, cream sauce

Ryan’s dish turned out to be the absolute winner – it was fantastic. And it’s awfully fancy for a local bar!

My dinner - fish pot pie

My dinner was good too … just not *as* good.

Flavored Ciders

In Conwy we picked up a couple of crazy ciders to try – Strawberry-Lime and Apple & Black Currant. We stored them outside our window on the sill to keep cool – and then we came back to the hotel after dinner to taste our new drinks.

In the freezing wing and rain - atop the Great Orme

The Great Orme is a country park right next to Llandudno. In the summer there’s a little train that takes you up to the top – of course we like the adventure of driving up narrow and steep one way streets in a stick shift on the wrong side of the street.

The Great Orme - one way street along the rocks

The Great Orme road is a one way toll road along a cliff. The rocks above us were populated with goats that stared us down, and while it was way too cold wet and windy to explore on foot, off season meant that we could stop the car whenever we wanted to take pictures. And the Great Orme was a fun diversion before our next destination.


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