Un Giro nella Campagna di Galles – il Parco di Snowdonia

A Ride in the Welsh Countryside – Snowdonia National Park

The long way home

Snowdonia National Park wasn’t really on our way back to London … buuut it was sort of kind of in the right direction. On the GPS it was a large green swathe of land with wavy roads, and we’d heard it was pretty. So, of course we took the long way home!

One of my favorite pictures - hiking trail entrance

Ryan as a passenger, on the US driver's side ... I think. It's very confusing.

Mountain views

As these things do, Snowdonia severely increased the length of our trip home – but then, we didn’t really have anywhere we had to be that day, so it worked well.

Snowdonia - countryside, mountainside and fog


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