Ferma le Macchine!

Stop the Presses!

I found vacuum bags!

No, wait, that’s actually really big news.

I’ve been here for about two and a half years and I have never successfully purchased a vacuum bag.

I’ve tried, But I’ve never succeeded. Every time I see vacuum bags, I check for mine. Every time I see vacuums, I check for my vacuum bags. I have checked walls full of vacuum bags, I’ve driven across the city on a recommendation only to find that the bag store was now an antique store. I’ve asked for recommendations, I’ve had friends tell me about their secret vacuum bag guy down in the basement that they could never find again …

And here I am, two and a half years later – still emptying out our one vacuum bag by hand every time it fills up.

Know what the winner was? Trony – the new Best Buy equivalent that just opened in Rome. I was actually ecstatic the whole time I was in the store. It was like the long lost convenient electronics store that has been missing for my whole time in Rome. You can buy batteries and mice, and keyboards and hard drives, and pretty much everything. It was amazing.

And they had my vacuum bags.



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One response to “Ferma le Macchine!

  1. Pat

    So glad to hear you finally found them!

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