Un Giro nella Campagna di Galles – Conwy

A Ride in the Welsh Countryside – Conwy

On the castle walls at Conwy

The castle at Conwy might be my favorite one that I have visited. With a stellar combination of crumbling stone, rain nourished green grass and the sea – it was some beautiful scenery.

Climbing the castle towers

Conwy Castle was built in the 1280s under King Edward I – what remains now is only walls and towers – which I’m pretty sure makes it an even more interesting sight.

Playing around outside before we enter the castle. Welsh flags on the towers.


Walking through the castle

As we toured the castle it started to rain – it turns out no roof makes for dramatic lighting … but no protection from the rain. Ohhh well. We were already there – figured we may as well continue the tour. Good thing we don’t melt in drizzle!

Self portrait on the 'first floor' with archways and towers

Bridges to Conwy

It’s possible that I may have taken a million pictures in every direction of Conwy Castle … Just a warning. Note that the left bridge is an automobile bridge, the right bridge is a train bridge, the center bridge is for pedestrians. We paid to get into the castle, but it turns out that the bridge is a separate cost … to walk to the same place. We decided to skip that cost – as I imagine most other people do.

Castle and Countryside - view from atop a tower

The best views were from the tower we climbed at the far end of the castle. It was crazy windy and the rain was starting to pick up – but the views were just incredible. Ryan was only a little nervous at the edge …

View of the inner walls and towers from atop the tower

That picture is my favorite – I took a lot of versions of it – I’m hoping Ryan will stitch some of them together and make a panorama at some point. It was so gorgeous up there!

What's a Welsh Oggie?

After touring the castle we walked down to the port to check out the “Ffair Geltaidd y Gwanwyn”. The what? Yeah … good thing there was English too: “Celtic Spring Fayre”, at ‘Cei Conwy’ (Quay). There were a bunch of stands selling locally made goods – foods and crafts. We meandered through a little bit, and then focused on the food. Welsh Oggies are like Cornish Pasties … sort of like a british version of stromboli or something. A flaky pastry crust full of stew. Maybe like a pot pie. We got one, of course, with gravy and mushy peas.

Castle view from the other end of the bridge

Funny how one amazing castle and great street food is enough to get my high recommendation for a whole city.


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  1. Tina

    wow, what a view! hope we can visit that place some time in the future.

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